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For Arborists


What if we told you that you could GET MORE DONE, FASTER and without damaging your back or delicate grounds...

It's true! Here's how...

Arborists are always telling us they are tired of the hard physical labour involved in their jobs – the heavy lifting is taking a toll on their backs, they are exhausted by the end of the day and they want to spend less time at each job. But when they’ve experienced life with an Avant Loader, they no longer have these problems!

“Does the work of 4 men” and “I wish I’d bought it 10 years ago” is just some of the feedback we get all the time!


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6 ways an Avant Loader can make your life easier

1. Cut down time at every job

The Avant Loader combined with the various attachments ideal for arborists, can do the job of 3 or 4 people. Use the Slanetrac or Saw Blades for cutting hedges or dense bush and use the log grab and High Tip Bucket for clean-up and loading trucks/chipper.

4. Give your back a break!

Feed logs directly into the chipper or load the truck without any physical lifting – your back will love you for it and think of all the energy you’ll conserve.

2. Telescopic off centre boom enables further reach

The telescopic loader boom allows for greater lifting height and outreach than a conventional of Skid-Steer loader. And the rigid articulation joint means you can safely negotiate demanding terrain.

5. Compact and easy to transport

Avant Loaders are light and compact enough to be put on the back of a truck or on a trailer and towed to the next job. The Avant is compact enough to safely manoeuvre around tight sites, and in small backyards.

3. Work on wet grounds without causing damage

Most heavy-duty machinery does a lot of damage to the earth, but not the Avant Loaders – the articulated chassis and low weight means there’s minimal damage to lawns and delicate grounds. And because they are 4WD they have that ‘go anywhere’ versatility and safety – excellent for all types of rough terrain.

6. Versatile – one machine does it all

Tree loppers love the versatility of the Avant, and the ability to perform many tasks with one machine. With an extensive product range, encompassing ten models and over 100 attachments, all your needs are covered.

AND they are easy to operate and manufactured in Finland to the highest standard with high quality materials. Avant also use Kubota Diesel engines. This is backed up with 24 months warranty.



 We have a comprehensive range of hydraulically driven hedge cutter attachments to suit most Compact Wheel Loaders and Excavators.

We also have packages available now to turn an Avant Loader into a total solution for arborists and tree care operators.  

BUT It's the versatile range of attachments that are really going to impress you...we guarantee it! 

Glenbrook Machinery stocks a wide range of tree care specific attachments for Avant Loaders. These include heavy duty grapples, swivelling grapples, petrol and hydraulic powered stump grinders, mulch buckets and more. 

Whatever the application, Avant has the attachment. 
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The Slanetrac is great for lighter cutting and decorative hedges. Debris falls to the ground for easy clean up. Bonus: it's a super economical purchase. 
Glenbrook Machinery Avant Loader with Becx Hedge Cutter
The Becx Cutter head on McConnell hydraulic arm ensures a fine finish, but also retains most of the debris within the hedge for healthy growth and a tidy finish. 
Saw Blades-552-445
The Saw Blade Cutter is perfect for heavy duty jobs such as shelter belts, dense bush and thicker branches.
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Don't just take our word for it, hear it straight from the horses mouth...

“Productivity is definitely up!”

My crew insist the Avant is on hand on most jobs, even jobs, even for clearing the site of brush and taking it to the Chipper using the Grapple Bucket. Productivity is definitely up! Glenbrook Machinery has been great to deal with and more than accommodating with any request/query being quickly responded to. It’s nice to come across this level of service in today’s busy world.

Chris Boniface, Tricky Trees

“We just fly through the work with the Avant”

To say it’s been a great investment would be an understatement. It’s actually transformed the business! We just fly through the work with the Avant. The lighting package is great. With so much rain lately, the canopy has been awesome! Speaking of the canopy…I’m feeling a lot safer on the 528 than the mini-Skid Steer machine we had. I love being able to see the telescoping boom to push me out of trouble. I also love the fact that I haven’t been to the Chiropractor for the last month as I’m not wrecking my back as much.

Peter Andersen, Andersen Tree Services


Want to know more? 

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We know these machines will transform the way you work, which is why we’re offering you a free demo or take one to a job and trial it for a whole day – no strings attached.

Give Jeremy a call to book your free trial on 0800 453 627.

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