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Glenbrook Machinery Ltd is the nationwide distributor for the top quality Avant Loaders made in Finland. The Avant has become very popular amongst Bee Keepers as a Compact 4WD Hive Lifter that can go anywhere safely thanks to its low centre of gravity and unique design. There are several sizes available up to 1.3 ton lift. We also have options of folding forks, hydraulic side shift forks which are on a quick hitch system so that they can come off easily and can be replaced by any of the many  other Avant attachments meaning it’s much more than just a forklift. For example you can use it with a 4n1 bucket for clearing tracks, or a mower for mowing scrub and other obstructions you can face when placing hives around the countryside etc. The Avant can be towed behind a Ute on a standard tandem  trailer, or it can be driven onto the deck of a truck. The Avant is fast and nimble and shaves hours of labour off loading and unloading hives off trucks instead of doing it by hand, and it go can places where a truck and crane combination could never get. It can also be used for towing a Hive transport trailer into the bush, and can load it and then bring it back out to the road.

We also distribute the Schaffer Loader if heavier lifts are required, and the Ausa Rough Terrain Forklift as a larger “All Terrain Forklift” alternative.
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