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500-SERIES Avant Loaders

500-SERIES Avant Loaders
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  • Plain, but powerful hydraulic system.
  • Clearly more lifting capacity than in the AVANT 400 series.
  • Telescopic boom as a standard.
  • All cab variants available

The AVANT 500 Series machines are extremely effective and versatile loaders. The driving of a 500 Series is easy thanks to logical drive controls, the hydrostatic drive has just two pedals one each for forward and reverse with infinitely variable speed control. Steering is power operated via a conventional steering wheel. The boom functions are operated easily with the right hand. All controls are ergonomically laid out.

The AVANT 528 is the flagship of the range. The hydraulic system utilises a separate drive circuit with a powerful, hydraulically pilot operated variable flow pump. The lifting and auxiliary circuits on the 528 are controlled through a tandem pump. The 528 is very good for hard tasks with hydraulic driven attachments.  

Technical Features:

Lift capacity
  • Maximum lift capacity is 25 % more than on old 500 series. 
  • Integrated 170 kg cast iron rear weight is standard like on 600 series.

Lift height 
  • Max. lifting height with telescopic boom to pivot point is 2790 mm – 400 mm more than on old 500 series. 
  • Enough lift height to load into a truck.
  • Lift height is enough for a good landscaping machine as well.

Modern boom construction 
  • Off centre boom construction – same as on 600 series. 
  • Excellent visibility to the attachments.
  • Increased work efficiency. 
  • Improved safety. 
  • Big breakout forces in all bucket angles. 
  • Hydraulic self levelling available as an option.

Big bucket breakout force
Thanks to the linkage system on bucket tilting – same as on 600 series – bucket breakout force is 90 % better than on old 500 series and breakout force is very even throughout the tilting range.

Self levelling 
  • Hydraulic self levelling available as an option both with standard boom and teleboom. 
  • Thanks to self levelling the use of the machine will be easier in multiple tasks.
  • Heavy loads on a pallet can be lifted and loaded much easier than before. 
  • The price of self levelling will be considerably less than the forklift mast.

  • Avant 520 is equipped with Kubota D722 20 hp 3 cylinder diesel engine and 528 with Kubota D1105 28 hp 3 cylinder diesel.
Operation Features:

Ergonomic operator area
  • Ample space even for taller operators.
  • Modern instrument panel like on 600 series.
  • Excellent visibility all-round. 
  • Plexiglass tinted canopy as standard. 
  • Work lights as standard.

  • 4-post ROPS as standard.
  • lower ROPS design than on 600 series and normal suspension seat instead of the full suspension seat that is on 600 series.
  • total machine height 1980 mm with ROPS – thanks to lower ROPS and 23*10.50-12 wheels.
  • Will also protect the operator from behind. 
  • Protection from rain and sun with the tinted plexiglass canopy.
  • ROPS is officially tested and CE approved by the MTT Agricultural Engineering Research (VAKOLA) in Finland, which is an EC Notified Body.
  • FOPS canopy available as option.

  • Same cab as for 600 series available as option.

Auxiliary hydraulics 
  • Auxiliary hydraulics flow rates will be good in relation to the machine size (31 l/min for 520, 36 l/min for 528).

AVANT 500 Cab Options
  • Certified ROPS safety frame with tinted plexiglass canopy as standard.
  • AVANT Cab L: consists of windscreen (equipped with wiper), right-side window and rear window.
  • AVANT Cab LX: has all the features of the Cab L and, in addition, is equipped with a door and a heater.
  • AVANT Cab DLX: independent ROPS/FOPS cab that mounts on the machine. It is equipped with a heater, noise isolating interior, and fabric seat, radio, and cab air filter.

Advantages of the telescopic handler
The unique basic construction makes AVANT an unbeatable machine in its class. All these features give better comfort, working efficiency and working quality.
  • Telescopic loader boom gives more lift height and outreach - both equally important.
  • Modern off centre boom construction guarantees excellent, unrestricted visibility - and the operator does not need to reach out to see.
  • Boom self-levelling makes load handling quicker and more precise. 
  • The self-levelling system keeps the load automatically level at all positions of the loader boom.
  • Added safety thanks to the overload warning system.
  • Articulated design allows precise sideways moving of the load in tight situations.

Steering trough a conventional steering wheel. Ergonomic operation of the boom with the right hand.

Articulated Advantages 
  • Does not damage lawns and other sensitive surfaces. 
  • Extremely versatile. 
  • Easy to drive and operate. 
  • Low center of gravity means excellent stability - allows more counterweight in the rear.
  • Minor tyre wear.

Easy Servicing 
The engine covers are easily removed without the need for tools. Wear and tear parts, for example filters are easily accessible.  

AVANT 500 series is an excellent machine for various do-it-yourself jobs - be it smaller earthmoving, material handling, landscaping, sweeping, trenching and lawn mowing. Only your imagination set the limits for what the AVANT can do!

Efficient Material Handling
For many companies the AVANT 500 series is an ideal all-year-round forklift truck for outdoors material handling. AVANT has an excellent loading and handling capabilities thanks to the telescopic boom and boom self-levelling. In addition with the AVANT loader you can do various property maintenance jobs like sweeping, mowing, snow removal, etc.


  • Drive system impreovement.
  • More pulling power.
  • More reliability.
  • More speed.
  • All 520 & 528 drive motors will be chanegd to Proclain brand.
  • Piston type motor instead of gerotor typer.
  • Hydraulic parking brake system.
  • Durability:
  • Piston type motors have a life expectancy of minimum 5000 hours on normal conditions.
  • Minimal power loss oven on high hour readings.
  • Motor's internal leakage minimal.
  • Performance: Compared to gerotor typer, motors:
  • 10% more pulling power
  • 10% more speed: 10km/h
  • Higher pressure - 350 bar Drive release as standard.
  • Virtually no internal leakage on motor.
  • Anti-clip valve is more accurate.
  • Power limiter for both forward & reverse driving directions.
  • Not senditive to dirt on the machine.
  • Engages always whem machine is turned off.
  • Practical use is easier.
  • Always locks both front wheels 100% when engaged.
  • A sage & reliable system.

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