R-SERIES Avant Loaders
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R-SERIES Avant Loaders

A powerful loader great for farming and horse farms.

The Avant R-Series are articulated loaders with the driver's seat in the rear chassis. Compared to other Avant loaders they have even more visibility, lift capacity and turning capabilities. 
  • Powerful special model particularly for farming and horse farms.
  • Driver's seat in the rear chassis.
  • Turns more sharply in corridors and tight situations.
  • Largest lifting capacity and pulling force.
  • Telescopic boom as a standard.
  • A large and varied selection of options.
  • All cabin variants, including air conditioning available.

With the AVANT R Series we have further developed the features that our customers value including:

  • Work efficiency and manoeuverability
  • Versatility
  • Ergonomics
  • Safety


Forward visibility in the R-series is a little weaker than in traditional Avant loader due to driver sitting on the back frame of the loader. Because the cabin of the loader is further away from the attachment is visibility to the attachment inevitably a little bit worse.

The outer dimension of R-series and traditional Avant are the same except for the height. Due to the location of the control mode and the cabin in the R-series, the loader is about 10 cm higher than the traditional Avant-loader.

Lifting capacity of the traditional Avant and the R-series lifting capacity is practically exactly the same, when the machines are straight, and the body is not inverted. When turning the machine the lifting capacity of the R-series lifting capacity decreases faster than with traditional Avant because the structure of the machine is different and there is not as much moving counterweight with the R-series. When the body of the loader is fully turned the difference in the lifting capacity is about 150 kg for the favor of the traditional Avant.

Even though the turning circle of the R series is practically the same as with other Avants, it is easier to turn with the R series in very tight situations, because the driver’s seat doesn’t extend beyond the turning radius of the wheels. The advantages of the R series steering system are best shown when driving along narrow corridors and in tight situations indoors.

Technical Features:

Lift Capacity: 850 - 1050 kg
Engine Power: 20 - 37.5hp
Lift Height: 2.8m
Maximum Speed: 12-14km/h
AVANT R series is now available with multi-function Bluetooth remote controller

As is always the case at AVANT SA, the research and development wing of the company is always looking to the future to determine the next important improvement that can be provided to the valued customers throughout numerous industries who make use of the AVANT machines to make their lives and work easier. 
Keeping in line with this theory, while ensuring that the needs of AVANT customers are addressed through the development of new technology that is compatible with the AVANT machines, the new remote controlled AVANT Mini Loader was recently unveiled to the public at the BAUMA CONEXPO AFRICA event, which took place at the Johannesburg Expo Centre from Tuesday, September 15 to Friday, September 18. 

BAUMA CONEXPO AFRICA is an international trade fair involving construction machinery, building material machines, mining machines and construction vehicles, and is attended by many key industry players each year. The remote controlled AVANT Loader is a first for the South African market, and the company is proud to have developed it in the country for the specific purposes of assisting the mining industry.

The unit makes use of a Bluetooth remote with an incredibly range of 1,3 km, allowing it to be controlled over long distances from a single location with ease, making it very practical for the mining industry. No functionality of the typical AVANT machine was sacrificed in developing this technological marvel, ensuring that the Mini Loader is as functional and useful as always. 



  • Lift capacity: 900kg
  • Engine power: 28hp diesel
  • Lift height: 2.8m
  • Speed: 12km/h
  • Pushing power: 950kp
  • Dimensions: 2550mmL x 2110mmH x 900-1290mmW
  • Weight: 1400kg


  • Lift capacity: 1050kg
  • Engine power: 37.5hp diesel
  • Lift height: 2.8m
  • Speed: 14km/h
  • Pushing power: 1100kp
  • Dimensions: 2550mmL x 2140mmH x 900-1290mmW
  • Weight: 1480kg

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