Orchadists and Market Gardeners save time and money with all terrain AUSA Forklifts.

4 Part Image Website HorticultureAgriculture, horticulture and farming is fused into the DNA of New Zealand and our Ausa machinery is specifically designed with this in mind. Our machines are designed to reduce manual labour and to help make farmers and farming more efficient.

Our Ausa forklifts for orchards are designed for any conditions, from rough terrain to semi-industrial environments, and are compact, light and robust – capable of lifting 1300kgs with some models lifting up to 5000kgs. These machines are also ideal for situations where you need something agile to work in narrow environments.

There’s plenty of power for all the heavy-duty jobs required, such as handling pallets. Spreading materials, fertiliser, is quick and effective with an Ausa Forklift and with a lifting height of up to 3 meters you are sure to find the Ausa machinery for orchards and market gardens invaluable and efficient.


1300kg Forklift
The AUSA C11M rough terrain forklift is a compact, light, robust machine with great yield and reliable 4 speed mechanical transmission. Capable of lifting up to 1300kg, power is supplied via a reliable water-cooled, Kubota diesel engine.
3000 - 3500kg Forklift
Rough terrain and semi-industrial forklift from 3,000 to 3,500kg. Unique concept of light, compact, agile and safe forklift. Ideal for load manipulation over demanding terrains and narrow spaces.
4000 - 5000kg Forklift
The 4WD transmission means this vehicle is suitable for many outside tasks around New Zealand including forestry, agricultural, construction, and much more. A lifting height of over 3m provides excellent reach.
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