Ausa Dumpers

Big on safety and stability, small on time and money.
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Removing and transporting loose materials is an integral part of construction projects, infrastructure work and landscaping. Doing so in a way that is safe, comfortable and saves you time and money is crucial. 

The extensive range of AUSA dumpers means there is a solution to everything from manoeuvring loads around tight corners or through narrow sites to transporting 10 tonnes of material across rough or muddy terrain. AUSA dumpers offer great visibility and maximum stability even in adverse weather conditions, and at full load, allowing for increased accuracy and safety. Their focus on producing quality dumpers that are extremely easy to maintain and operate while being low on noise and fuel consumption makes AUSA the obvious choice.

AUSA is the world leader in dumpers with over half a century of experience in the design and manufacture of compact equipment. An extensive range of models covering multiple needs of transport and movement of bulk materials.
If you are in the market for a dumper, you must trial an Ausa. Call us now to get a demonstration at your place of business – anywhere in New Zealand.
Ausa D 150 AHG/AHA Dumper
Articulated compact dumper of 1.500kg. Tilting (AHG) and high unload skip (AHA), with the biggest capacity in volume of the market.
Ausa D 85/100/120 A Dumper
Articulated compact dumper with a 5 model range, especially designed for: agriculture, construction, industrial use and municipalities.
Ausa D 350-400 AHG Dumper
Articulated chasis dumper from 3.500kg to 4.000kg of payload. Latest generation design and advanced technology.
Ausa D 1000 AP/APG Dumper
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The most complete range of its category by two models of cutting edge technology with a tilting or front unloading skip of 10,000kg of capacity.
Ausa D 600 APG Dumper
The AUSA articulated dumper has the highest skip capacity on the market, the best off road capacity with maximum stability on demanding terrains at full load, and Kubota engine of a high power and torque.
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