Schaffer 3550 Loaders
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Schaffer 3550 Loaders

Ideal for compact, hard to reach places but still powerful and sturdy.

These compact loaders have been specifically developed for use in confined spaces. There have been no compromises made with their reliability and ergonomics. This powerful machine can be used for a huge range of tasks in a variety of applications such as agriculture, equestrian, municipal services, warehousing and more. 

Move more in less time. 

The 3550 is a dynamic and ergonomic loader. The revs of the diesel engine is speed reduced, and a larger hydrostatic drive is used. This converts the power of the engine into even higher thrust forces via the original Schaffer axles. It comes equipped as standard with a high speed gear switchable under load up to 20km/h. Hydraulic tool locking is also standard. Schaffer loaders uniquely combine agility, power, comfort and safety. 
  • Schaffer axles provide greater safety and stability.
  • Schaffer 'easy-brake' is the brake system with multiple disks that you can really rely on.
  • Ball joint bearings instead of bearing bushings for a long life expectancy.
  • One strong lifting cylinder instead of two small ones: narrow front chassis, perfect view forward, no tension, now wear.
  • Maintenance free articulated pendulum joint with extended warranty. 
  • CAD optimised lifting arm, best lifting height and reach, perfect parallel lift.
  • Operator platform with less vibrations and adjustable steering column. 


Hydrostatic four wheel drive, hydraulic quick hitch, hour meter, fuel gauge, temperature gauge, rev counter, multiple disc brake, work lamp, single lever control, adjustable steering column, oil cooler, HTF (High Transaction Force), 20km/h gear switchable under load, rear weight plate, protective roof, restraining system. With front and rear glass.

  • Diesel engine: Kubota diesel engine, 4 cylinders, water-cooled
  • Output: 37 kW (50 HP)
  • Working weight: 2800 kg / 3000 kg with cab
  • Standard tyres: 10.075 - 15.3 AS Farmer
  • Length with standard bucket: 4185 mm
  • Width: 1020 mm - 1670 mm
  • Height with protective roof: 2270 mm
  • Turning radius: 1100 mm
  • Lifting capacity: 2000 kg
  • Tipping load, straight: 1800 kg
  • Tipping load, articulated: 1400 kg
  • Lifting height, loader arm: 2950 or 3200 mm
  • Tipping height (bottom edge of bucket): 2140 or 2390 mm
  • Bucket: 1200mm wide (620L)
  • Pallet Forks: 1200mm length.

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